Barker Brook Kennels


Daycare is a great way for your dog to socialize and play with others in a safe environment. We offer large outdoor play yards and a more intimate indoor play room. Dogs thrive on structure, we alternate between playful periods and rest periods. Daycare provides your dog with physical and mental stimulation, it is a great alternative to being left home alone. Read More


Our boarding facility offers a clean, safe, and comfortable environment for your pet while you’re away. Each pet receives individualized care and attention throughout their stay with us. Daycare is included the day of their sleepover.  We have large fenced in yards for dogs of all ages and sizes to play and explore. Read More


We offer grooming for all breeds of dogs. Groomings include a nail trim, ear clean, bath, blow dry and brush out, sanitary trim and clip of your choice. We clip dogs in your desired cut and de-shed those in need. For friendly felines we offer nail trims, full shaves, lion cuts, sanitary trims, and brush outs. Read More

About Us

Hotshots Goldens

Hotshots Golden Retrievers are bred primarily from working pedigree., All sires and dams are genetically tested and cleared of any inherited problems including hips, elbows, heart, and eyes. We test through the OFA, Optigen, and PawPrint Genetics. Temperament is of the utmost importance. Our dogs are intelligent, friendly, athletic and obedient. These dogs love being active outside; they train easily and are very loving and loyal.  Read More

Justine Carver Brooks

As owner/operator Justine has always had an interest in animals. Dogs are her passion! She currently breeds golden retrievers and competes in Obedience, Agility, and Rally with her dogs. Justine is American Red Cross certified in Pet First Aid & CPR.

Our Policies

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Hours:
Daily from 8-10 am and 4-6 pm
The kennel is CLOSED to the public between 10-4 daily.

We can accommodate any hours for drop off's and pick up's using our Unassisted Self Check Room. Additional fee of $5 applies.


What Clients Say (The owners, not the pets!)

Barker Brook takes amazing care of our dog T-Rex.  It is so great to be able to drop Rex off for day care right before hitting the slopes at Sunday River.  He gets excited when we roll into the parking lot.  It is nice to know he is having fun while we are having fun too!  It is also nice because he sleeps the whole way home because he was so busy!

Meredith Farwell 

& T-Rex

My two Aussies love to come to Barker Brook.  Justine is very  knowledgeable about all breeds of dogs. I have complete confidence leaving my dogs with her.  She understands the needs of high energy and of performance dogs.  Barker Brook also offers reasonable and knowledgeable grooming services.  Justine in always very professional and very pleasant to work with and all the dogs love her!

India Baker

& the Aussies

I have been taking Zoe, my 11 year old standard poodle, to Barker Brook Kennels for several years to be groomed. Zoe has a skin problem so her ears need extra care and I have always been pleased with the personalized attention she gets.  We discuss what type of haircut she needs depending on the time of year, and she always comes back with that exact look. They are very professional and punctual.  I live in Massachusetts but I only take my dog to Barker Brook Kennels for grooming, even if it means a special trip north. 

Carol Hall

& Zoe

I never considered myself a Golden Retriever type of person....until I met Hotshots' Golden Retrievers!  I was immediately impressed with Justine's intelligent, athletic, and beautiful dogs. Iwas looking for a dog who could join me hiking, skijoring, and trail riding AND who would be a full family member with the temperament to potentially be a therapy dog.  Griffin is all that and so much more!  He attained his Tracking Dog (TD) title with ease and is now working toward his TDX, and therapy dog certification.
My boy's graceful, athletic elegance and good-natured wag earn him attention wherever he goes.  If you're looking for an all-around family pet who is extremely trainable and performance oriented, I highly recommend a Hotshots' Golden!

Wendy Youmans

& Red Griffin D'Or CGC, TD

Hi Justine,

I'll bet that you didn't know that I could type, but I do to my special friends!

I just wanted to let you know, that over the past years since you have been open,  I always love it when my owners get my leash out.

I know then that I'm headed to "Bark".

And as you know I love to bark!

I always feel safe there and love to play and romp around with all the other dogs in the big yard.
Especially that handsome Golden........!  Woof

Well anyway, I hear my owners coming and need to wrap this up by saying that being at "Bark" is the next best thing to suppertime here in my own home!

Hope to see you soon


& owner, Mark Hiebert

We started visiting Leroy when he was 5 weeks old he even came to our house for a visit! He wasn’t the biggest male, but we were very impressed by his personality. He was already trained to do his duties outside! Leroy was easily trained in other areas, and only does his duties in the wood line, never on a lawn. Leroy was a bird dog by nature, the first time we took him hunting for partridge he instinctively retrieved the birds we couldn’t believe it. He was very soft mouthed naturally, and it only took minimal training to teach him not to chew. He gently tosses his toys up in the air, and rolls on them, but never destroys them or anything else. Leroy’s nose is amazing sometimes he sits outside with it to the air just taking in all the scents around us. When he was a puppy he wanted to track everything and would just run around in circles trying to figure out what scent to follow.

When Leroy was 2 ½ we had a baby, Oliver, The two of them have been the best of friends since. Leroy would sleep in the doorway of the baby’s room with his head looking out, on guard. As Oliver grew older and began to toddle, Leroy showed an enormous amount of patience, as his hair was pulled, tail was stepped on, and cookies were dangled teasingly in front of his face, he never got irritated. Leroy is the most tolerant dog we have ever come across. He has never snapped, growled or bit anyone or anything. When Oliver and Leroy would play outside together Leroy always (and still does) stay between him and the road. If our son even walked toward the road the dog would turn him back around.

Leroy is getting older now and we will be getting another puppy from Hotshots, he loves to play with other dogs, and this puppy will be just as much for him as it will be for us. We can only hope Leroy’s wonderful nature will rub off on this next puppy, and we are delighted to have one of the same gene pool!

Sarah, Jeremy & Oliver

& Leroy Fredette

My dog, Tripp, loves to visit Barker Brook Kennels. It is truly his home away from home. He never hesitates when I drop him off. He has lots of buddies that he looks forward to hanging out with and is exhausted when he comes home. Justine and Harmony are awesome. They always greet him with a smile and welcome him with open arms. When I leave him for the day I know he will be happy and loved and get the best care possible. I highly recommend dropping your dog for the day. They will have a blast and you won’t feel guilty for leaving them!

Sally Harkins

& Tripp