At Barker Brook Kennels we groom all sizes and breeds of dogs and also cats. Our salon is open Tuesday through Saturday by appointment only. Most of our clients schedule regular appointments every six to eight weeks, but we always welcome new clients. Our first concern is for the health, well-being, and comfort of your pet. While we always try to make both humans and pets happy with our services, your pet's comfort and safety are our number one priority.
Our salon has been in operation for over 16 years. Formerly the Doggy & Kitty Salon in W. Bethel, we moved to Barker Brook Kennels in December 2011. We offer grooming for all breeds of dogs, from toy poodles, goldens, and schnauzers, to shepherds and boxers.

All groomings include a nail trim, removal of excessive paw fur , ear clean, bath, blow dry and brush out, sanitary trim and cut of your choice. We clip dogs in your desired cut and de-shed those in need. We also offer hand stripping for those who desire it.

For friendly felines we offer nail trims, full shaves, lion cuts, sanitary trims, and brush outs, occasionally we do bathe cats.

We have many shampoos for you to choose from, including:
• oatmeal and skin soothing shampoos
• itch relief shampoo
• degreasing shampoo
• whitening shampoos
• flea baths
• and hypoallergenic/fragrance free shampoos

Many of the dogs we groom make scheduled appointments every 6 - 8 weeks. Grooming does book up fast; we recommend people interested in regular grooming make scheduled appointments at regular intervals. If you have your dog groomed regularly you will find that you save money by avoiding additional fees, such as matting removal. We will make every effort to schedule you in a timely fashion. Please try to call at least one week prior to needing grooming as we have limited appointments available.

All dogs benefit from a clean and healthy coat.

Every purebred and mixed breed dog needs to have its dead fur removed in order to stay healthy and avoid skin irritation and discomfort.
For many dogs their fur protects them from the cold and the heat, but in order for the coat to function properly it must be clean and free of excess hair.
Shaving your dogs double coat will not reduce shedding, it will not help your dog stay cooler, and it will not protect them from the elements as it was designed to do.

  • Fees:
    Because each dog varies in size and coat type prices vary. Please call us if you are interested in a quote for your pet's grooming needs.
  • Most dog groomings start at $35 and cats at $20. Additional charges may apply for severely matted coats, animals temperament, aggression, and difficulty due to being overweight, and/or elderly.
  • Nail trims are always just $10.
  • Please note, we WILL NOT shave dogs which should not be shaved, including but not limited to: golden retrievers, labradors, german shepherds, and aussies, etc. unless medically necessary.
  • If dogs come in with minor matting we may be able to brush out the coat. If we deem it cruel to attempt brushing a severely matted coat we will clip the coat as short as necessary to remove the painful matting. Your pet's well-being comes before your preference for a certain look.
  • Hours:
    Tuesday through Saturday BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
  • Grooming
  • Grooming
  • Grooming
  • Grooming


We also offer Frontline, Capstar, Doggy Sunblock, Coat Conditioner, Musher's Secret Paw and Skin Protection, Itch Stop Spray, Doggy Fragrance, Combs and Brushes, as well as a selection of collars and leashes for all size dogs. We also have skin & coat supplements. Omega 3 & 6 food additives, Shed Solve, a large variety of dental treatments, and breath fresheners. We carry a limited supply of doggy coats and orange vests seasonally.

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